Atelier LK is a London and New York-based design studio. Founded in 2020 by Lisa Jones and Ruby Kean, the interdisciplinary studio spans the worlds of interior design and architecture, art curation, bespoke furniture design and creative direction.

Inspired by modernist 20th-century design, Atelier LK creates warm and dynamic interiors that effortlessly blend the contemporary with the timeless. With combined backgrounds in design, art and fashion, the common thread between Jones and Kean’s styles is a certain simplicity of form and a richness of texture.

In 2021, Atelier LK launched its inaugural project No.43, an immersive design experience at the former residence of artist Ron Hitchins. The studio curated an exhibition showcasing modernist furniture pieces alongside an eclectic selection of contemporary creatives as well as Hitchins’ own art.

Since their debut project, Jones and Kean have been working internationally in both the residential and commercial sphere. The studio prides itself on an innate sensitivity to each project, with a strong focus on unexpected details and handcrafted elements and working closely with an expert team of architects, craftsmen and artists.

The studio’s work has been featured in a number of international publications, including the FT’s How to Spend It, Milk Magazine, British Vogue and The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

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